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It’s 2020, and the entire world is now online. From a small scale business to a large enterprise, all are running after one important source of reputation, REVIEWS. Undoubtedly the reviews can either level up the business reputation or destroy it within a span of little time.
Let’s focus on how we can get more positive reviews. Using BizzLeader you can build a better reputation for your business.

1. Send more requests to write a review using the text:
Using the campaign feature in BizzLeader, you can send a link to your customer to write a review for your business. This can be done in two ways, email or text. As people are getting more into phones these days, sending out a text message is the best preference as they do not go in the spam box. Emails might get into spam and your customer will miss it out.

However, this does not mean you should stop sending out emails to write a review. The point to be noted here is to send emails and text messages, both to the same customer to write a review. A customer can miss out on an email, but he won’t miss out on the text. And just in case he missed out on the text, the email is still there in the inbox. This acts as a backup using both technologies at once to get the attention of your valuable customer.

2. Educate your customers:
For example, if you receive a random email or text message, would you open it? Well, no, the chances are less. We as human nature think that random emails and text messages may be spam, so we ignore them. But what if someone told you that, ‘hey, you will receive an email or text message from our business’, I can guarantee, when that text ringtone pops up on your phone you will check it for sure, thinking about the person who told you about it getting one.

Similarly, educate your customers using the same method and the review rating for your business will boost as fewer customers will now miss the requests you are sending out. BizzLeader provides an awesome platform wherein you can check who opened the email or text message when you send it.

3. Be specific:
You sent 100 emails and text messages today to write a review for your business and got twenty 5 star reviews but five 1 star reviews as well. You can save those 5 negative reviews but being specific about sending out a request. Many companies are using automation these days which sends out requests to write a review to all the customers of a business, which is a big mistake.

BizzLeader provides you a platform where you can automate the requests to specific people whom you know WILL write a good review only.

What are you waiting for? Sign up with BizzLeader and start getting more reviews for your business.

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